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Fibreglass Step Ladder

These non-conductive fibreglass step ladders are designed for use in high risk electrical environments. They are lightweight, very strong and fitted with heavy-duty non slip rubber feet.

Available in the following sizes:

6 Tread, Weight 13kg, Height 1.44m
£29.50/day, £5.90/extra day, £29.50/week

8 Tread, Weight 18kg, Height 1.95m
£29.50/day, £5.90/extra day, £29.50/week

10 Tread, Weight 21kg, Height 2.4m
£29.50/day, £5.90/extra day, £29.50/week

12 Tread, Weight 25kg, Height 2.97m
£30.10/day, £6.02/extra day, £30.10/week

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